Images from the Gala

I have had a few people ask me for names and captions to these images. For those of you who have seen my images before, you know that I like to put silly comments underneath them - please note: I never mean to offend anyone so please keep that in mind. Also, I do not know the names of everyone in these pictures so I may have to make some up.


Jimmy Bowskill - 11 years old. He told me that one sings the blues when "you lose your woman or when the dog dies"

Jeff Healey

Pat Carey - don't you just hate it when the reed sticks to the lower lip?

Mark Bird Stafford

Great Trumpet player - name unknown

The Southside Shuffle Horn section (in another words, I only know Pat's name)

Walt Disney on the drums (thanks ET)

M.C. Virgil Scott

Mr. Chuck Jackson

Donnie Walsh - I like this picture so I will let you make up your own punchline.

Two drummers drumming - Willie "Big Eyes" Smith and Tyler Burgess

Jack de Keyzer

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