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taLkiN'bLuEs is not a documentary about the history of the blues. It is a show that focuses on the current state of the blues. The series will educate viewers about the genre and define it through the eyes of those who are passionate about this form of music; those who play it and those who listen to it.


Pinetop Perkins



Rhythm, Roots and Soul:

I have a new series on Bravo! Canada entitled "Rhythm, Roots and Soul" - click here for more information.

Documenting the passion and the stories behind the blues

"Talkin' Blues" is currently seen on BRAVO! Canada, and Cool TV

BRAVO! Canada co-produced the series and has all three seasons (39 episodes) of the series.

Cool TV is showing the first two season of shows (episodes 1-26) and BETJazz has the first season (episodes 1-13).



Season 1:

Episode One - "Blues is..."

Episode Two - "Father's Influence"

Episode Three - "Blues Medicine"

Episode Four - "Ladies Blues"

Episode Five - "Misconception of the blues"

Episode Six - "Blues, After All"

Episode Seven - "Six String Therapy"

Episode Eight - "Jack de Keyzer"

Episode Nine - "Like a Bullet"

Episode Ten - "Hollerin" (BRAVO Canada) "Charlie Musselwhite" (BETJazz) Fruteland Jackson (CoolTV)

Episode Eleven - "Lickin' Stick"

Episode Twelve - "Backbeat"

Episode Thirteen - "Headed South"


Season 2:

Episode Fourteen - "Charlie Musselwhite" (BRAVO!) Fruteland Jackson (others)

Episode Fifteen - "Another shade of the Blues"

Episode Sixteen - "Harvest Blues"

Episode Seventeen - "Brown(e)s with a Feeling"

Episode Eighteen - "Acoustic Blues"

Episode Nineteen - "Another Man Gone Downl"

Episode Twenty - "Hubert & Darrell"

Episode Twenty-one - "Tommy Castro"

Episode Twenty-two - "Texas Blues"

Episode Twenty-three - "Duo"

Episode Twenty-four - "Henry Butler"

Episode Twenty-five - "Collage"

Episode Twenty-six - "Downhome Sophisticate"


Season 3:

Episode Twenty-Seven - "Curtis Salgado"

Episode Twenty-Eight - "Sonny Landreth"

Episode Twenty-Nine - "Heritage"

Episode Thirty - "Bluesin'"

Episode Thirty-One - "Julian Fauth"

Episode Thirty-Two - "Reneé Austin"

Episode Thirty-Three - "Finis Tasby"

Episode Thirty-Four - "Downchild"

Episode Thirty-Five - "W.C. Handy Awards"

Episode Thirty-Six - "Hands Across the Table"

Episode Thirty-Seven - "Dr. John - Dis, Dat or D'udda"

Episode Thirty-Eight - "Tribute"

Episode Thirty-Nine - "Little Charlie & The Nightcats"


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